Embarking on a journey to the future.

“We should rise up, draw in life breath and march on till victory is won”

Quoted Landa Alston.

It gives me immense pride and pleasure to present  the Annual Report of 2021-2022.  The longest journey commences with one small step.  NIRAJ took its baby step in the year 1986 with 6 teachers and 99 students.  Today, it has grown in leaps and bounds with  1500 students and has curved a niche for itself among the illustrious I.C.S.E. schools of Hyderabad.

Exemplary 100% results year after year has proved that NIRAJ is the epitome in imparting  quality education and promoting academic proficiency.  This year also out of 79 students, 77 secured distinction.  This is because of our emphatic and competent management along with experienced and highly qualified teachers have left no stone unturned to produce persistently outstanding board results. 

We ardently believe that the process of true education requires honest, consistent and constructive interaction in different level with love, concern and commitment.  The first step in this direction is the introduction of the curriculum  called  “Nature Nurture” for the Pre-Primary and Primary students to bring out their fountain heads of talent and creative energy.

When, the out break of Covid-19 Jeopardized the education system and the challenge  of imparting  quality education stared at the faces of the educators, NIRAJ wasted no time to impart  training to its teachers to teach online.  The integration of traditional teaching with technology was so effective that we were awarded  the  best school in Hyderabad for online teaching, by the Times of India.

This methodology provided better visualization to abstract and difficult concepts and triggered the interest of the students in academics.  The installation of digital boards brought the world to our class room because the teachers surfed the internet and showed videos pertaining to the subjects.  Thus, improving the retention power of our students.  Culmination of teacher face to face teaching and the use of multimedia was very productive as the students learnt the concept well.  The uploading of the notes in the MCB app, came to the rescue of the students who were absent due to some sickness or unavoidable circumstances.

Another salient feature of NIRAJ is that we believe vehemently that true education flourishes through competitions.  So during the pandemic virtually inter house competitions like elocution, debates, spell-bee and recitation were conductedl .  They physically celebrated fireless cooking and farewell when Covid-19 receded.

The inherent talent of our creative and multi-faced children were brought out through  virtual theme assembly and happy hours activity

For the tiny-tots of virtual picnic were conducted.  They visited the Disney-land and Butterfly World. They also enjoyed their pool party and presented   theme assembly in a splendid manner.  They also celebrated virtually important festivals like Independence Day, Raksha bandan, Ganesh Chaturthi and Christmas.  They were rejuvenated  and elated  immensely  after celebrating  their  Graduation Day physically. 

I conclude my speech by quoting the words of Mahatma Gandhi which tells us that it is time to progress, to grow, to instill good values in our children and to reach higher pinnacles  of excellence in education. 

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