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Education without “Activities makes a person dull” by Mahatma Gandhi.

All CCA activities are essential for pre-primary, primary, middle and high school, children, they enjoy the co-curricular activities to immensely especially the games periods.

Niraj school is ranked 1st among the illustrious ICSE Schools, for cultural programmes.

Our school choir put up a grand performance had at Raj Bhavan on Christmas eve.

We added another feather to our cap, our students painting was auctioned for Rs. 60,000/- at International market. (Bench painting)

Special coaching services are provided in Basket Ball after School hours.

Even in sports we  have produced.  Champions at National and International level in Basket ball, Yachting, kick boxing and Karate.

This is possible because of our versatile teachers, talented music teachers, artistic art teachers, experienced, SUPW and yoga teachers, along with enthusiastic P.T teachers CCA have left no stone unturned to our school in myriad extra curricular activities and have kept the flag of NIRAJ flying high in pride.

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