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“Knowledge is power. Information is liberating Education is the promise of progress, in every society in every family”

  • Today’s competitive world demands an individual who is ready to face the  challenges and plough ahead. The key factor which provides this necessary skill is  education by focusing on the development of all-round personality of the student.  Towards this end emphasis on values, lectures on the Gita, Yoga – have all been  made a part of the curriculum.
  • Niraj is committed to impart quality and activity-based education that would give  wings to the students creativity and imagination. Smart boards, projectors and  other aspect of technology have invaded and taken our classroom by storm, and  keeping pace with technology will put them on an equal footing with the students  of other countries.
  • The computer and its various facets are used productively and effectively in the  school. Power point presentations, audio – visuals, etc, not only enhance our  classroom teaching, but also make concept learning interesting and easy to  comprehend.
  • Our students are exposed to debates, elocutions, exhibitions, quizzes, etc. These and  other activities mould and shape their personality. We feel that this kind of exposure  is a must for every student. The school firmly abides by its vision of creating well –  developed personalities who can guide and lead this illustrious country. 
  1. The Science department conducts experiments and practicals for every concept to  foster their curiosity.  
  2. The students participate in all the Inter school competitions. The school focusses on  motivating and encouraging the students to achieve laurels in academics and in  extra curricular activities.  
  3. All festivals were celebrated to promote the feeling of brotherhood and to spread  the fragrance of love and unity. They also enable them to be grounded to their  values.  
  4. During covid time, all schools faced the challenge of imparting quality education.  Niraj left no stone untuned to provide quality online education. We were successful  in our attempt as we were awarded the best school for online education by the  Times of India.  
  5. The school follows the I.C.S.E. (Indian Certificate of Secondary Education) curriculum. 
  6. The Merits of Studying in an ICSE school are:  

 Every subject taught in ICSE gets covered in detail, so the students have enough  knowledge about the subject. 

 The certificate provided by the ICSE board gets accepted worldwide, and thus the  student can get enrolled in a foreign institution if he wish to continue his studies  abroad.  

 The students studying in ICSE get to learn English thoroughly as the subject gets  extensive coverage by the board. So, students who study in the ICSE board are  better prepared to crack the TOEFL exam also.  

Other advantages are  

  • Globally recognised course. … 
  • Holistic syllabus. … 
  • Weightage to practicals. … 
  • and graded subjects to promote extra-curricular interests. …


(Indian Certificate of Secondary Education Examination)  

Origin – The Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations was established in  1958 by the University of Cambridge. With the assistance of the Inter-State Board for  Anglo-Indian Education. It is registered under the Societies Registration Act No. XXI of  1860.  

Recognition – The Delhi Education Act, 1973, passed by the Parliament, in Chapter 1  under Definitions Section 2 (s), recognizes the Council as a body conducting public  examinations.  

Niraj Public School offers the following Subjects:  

GROUP I (Compulsory)  

  1. English  
  2. Social Studies – History / Civics / Geography  
  3. Second Languages (a) Hindi (b) Telugu  


  1. Mathematics (Compulsory) 
  2. Science (Physics, Chemistry and Biology)  


  1. Economics  


GROUP III (Any one of the following subjects) 

1.  Home Science  


2. Environmental Applications  (Optional)


3. Mass Media and Communication


Admission open for 2024-2025.

Admissions Open 2024-25


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Working Hours

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