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Jnaneshwar Saravanan

Jnaneshwar Saravanan bubbles over with enthusiasm and he is enthusiastic about knowing different things around him. He has a number of questions in his mind. His story “A Day in a Pizza” has appeared in the book “Out of the Cocoon”, published by Out of the Cocoon Publication. He has to his credit two e – books which can be accessed through the following links.


1. The League of Superheroes
2. The Adventures of Big Daddy

Avinash Gondela

Avinash Gondela has good organization of thoughts. He is a calm and peace loving child. He loves reading books and enjoys sharing his ideas. He loves writing short stories. He is a well behaved and disciplined child.

His story “The “Secret of the Blue Blood” has appeared in the book “Out of the Cocoon”, published by Out of the Cocoon Publication.

P.S. S. Vyshnavi

P.S. S. Vyshnavi is a very bright and intelligent child. She does her work on time and perfectly.

Her story “The Three Friends” has appeared in the book “Out of the Cocoon” , published by Out of the Cocoon Publication

Pranitha Sridhar

Pranitha Sridhar is a very well behaved and discipline child. She has lots of respect towards her parents and teachers.

Her story “Santa Claus Truth or Tale” has appeared in the book “Out of the Cocoon” , published by Out of the Cocoon Publication.

Ayan Bajpai

Ayan Bajpai has many innovative ideas. He loves doing role plays and activities.

His story “The Wooden Pots” has appeared in the book “Out of the Cocoon” , published by Out of the Cocoon Publication.

Lahari M Girish

Lahari M Girish a student of class 8th is  the rising champion of Kick Boxing in the  horizon of Niraj public school, she  participated in the “World Kick boxing  champion ship” held in Cairo and won a gold  medal for India in the Junior Category. Lahari,  her parents and her coach were felicitated by  our principal Mr. B. Jivitesh Reddy, We are  sure that she would scale greater heights in  the future.

Jiya Saxena

It is our Immense pride and pressure to  announce that our little Jiya Saxena is the  rising Karate Star of Niraj Public School. She  has won at National Level a Gold Medal in  Karate Open Championship, a silver medal in  Kumite fights and a bronze in Kata style. We  are sure that she will scale even greater  heights in the future and bring more laurels  to her parents and to the country.

Manthan Shah

Sailing is an adventurous sport to experience the  explosive fun of directing a small boat and mastering the  art of overcoming the perilous weather.  

Our student Manthan Shah of class 9th C had  participated in under 18 category competition organised  by Yachting Association of India. The competition took  place in Hussain Sagar Lake and Manthan successfully  completed the race in Laser 4.7 category.  

We wish him all the best for his future endeavours  and the sky is the limit for him.


Jinesh Patel

Kudos to Jinesh Patel (of 4thclass) the budding writer in  the horizon of Niraj public school, for bagging the 1st  prize, all over India, in the great Indian writers challenge  conducted by “parent of” with the eminent writer Ruskin  bond. He has won the award for his story titled “The  tiger in the tunnel” under the 8-9 age category. The  online award function was held on 23rd November, 2021.  We wish him all the best for his future endeavours

Sai Deeksha

TRINITY COLLEGE LONDON PRESS conducted digital  exams, for those candidates who wished to record  his/her songs and other technical work at a place of their  choice. The participants submitted the video recordings  via Trinity’s online platform for assessment by their  expert examiners. Congratulations to our student Sai  Deeksha of grade 4, who had participated and won the  certificate of Distinction for playing the electronic  keyboard. 

Paruchuri Sai Shashank

Paruchuri Sai Shashank of 7th class had  participated in the ILSO Olympiad. He had  got 13th Rank World Wide. Total 1 lakh 20  thousand students from 70 countries had  participated in this great event. We are  very proud of his achievement and I am  sure that he would win more prizes and  bring laurels for his parents and for his  country.

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